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SeedsHereNow – The Best Cannabis Seeds Store Online - Oberon Stavern
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March 13, 2024    by  ‣  0 comments

SeedsHereNow – The Best Cannabis Seeds Store Online

As marijuana legalization swept the nation in 2018, the demand for cannabis seeds spiked. Jim Cramond, owner of Strains of the Earth in Jordan, Minnesota, says his store received an influx of customers who came looking for seed packets. The phone rang off the hook, and the store saw an increase in social media traffic. The first day of Minnesota’s legalization, Cramond opened his seeds to the public for the first time. Source: seedsherenow.com

Cultivating Quality: SeedsHereNow’s Commitment to Excellence

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you’re an impatient grower, consider feminized seeds. These seeds produce only female plants that can produce a crop of potent buds. However, the seeds won’t germinate until flowering. Until then, you’ll need to grow male and female seeds in separate containers.

Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

The hybrid category of cannabis seeds is a broad one that includes a range of different strains and genetics. These strains are created by crossing two varieties or species of cannabis to create a new plant with characteristics that may not be found in either parent. These traits can include drought tolerance or pest resistance. Hybrids don’t grow true to type a second year.

ILGM stocks over 100 of the best strains in its library. It’s also a popular destination for beginners, with a comprehensive collection of grow guides and a forum that acts as a support group for home cultivators. It’s also a top choice for buyers seeking to save money on their seeds. The outfit offers free shipping on all orders, along with a 10% discount on Bitcoin payments.

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