(541) 482-231645 N. Main Street Ashland, OR - in Ashland's Downtown Plaza

Who We Are

Oberon’s Three-Penny Tavern is the accumulated effort of one of Jordan Mackay’s longest-running dreams – to run a Shakespearean tavern in Ashland, Oregon! So if you enjoy the thought of armored bouncers, juggling musicians, great plays, fantastic beers and beautiful serving wenches, come belly up to the bar and enjoy a night at Oberon’s!

Now serving food late into the night! Varieties of meat pies, Peasant’s Platters, grilled cheese sandwiches and artisan sausages available from the kitchen until 2:00 a.m. Nom Nom!

“Oberon’s Three-Penny Tavern is Ashland’s newest and most unique bar and nightspot – a colorful hub of music, games and laughter for the culturally adventurous and playful at heart! Inspired by a Midsummer Night’s Dream, it is a blending of modern and Renaissance that The Bard himself would be proud of. Experience Shakespeare’s Ashland, and spend an evening drinking the finest beer, cider and mead that Ashland has to offer! Enjoy talented musicians, sassy costumed wenches, and a fantastical world that we build together every night.” –Dennis Sparks