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Improving Emotional Wellbeing in Early Years - Oberon Stavern
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March 12, 2024    by  ‣  0 comments

Improving Emotional Wellbeing in Early Years

Children with semh often have difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships, which can lead to isolation and feelings of being misunderstood. In turn, this can impact on their ability to focus, concentrate and complete tasks which can then lead to a cycle of underachievement. They may show signs of emotional distress through a variety of behaviours such as self-harm, withdrawn or isolated behaviour, challenging or disruptive behaviour, or medically unexplained symptoms (Trussler et al 2015).

SEMH Awareness: Promoting Understanding and Advocacy

Risk factors for semh include a family history of mental health issues, adverse childhood experiences, poverty and marginalisation, being a refugee, a lack of attuned parenting and inconsistent support, and poor attachments and communication skills in early years. They may also have a physical condition such as ADHD, autism or sensory difficulties.

Providing a safe, nurturing school environment that supports and respects every child’s emotional wellbeing is essential to helping them thrive. A compassionate school culture is a vital part of this and should be embedded across the entire organisation. Schools can also provide a range of low-cost interventions to help pastoral staff and pupils with their emotional well-being. These could include mindfulness activities, nurture groups, quiet rooms and in-school counselling services.

It is also important for all teachers to be able to recognise a pupil’s emotional and mental wellbeing needs and act accordingly. Any change in a pupil’s behaviour or demeanour should be taken seriously, even if it is small, so that they can receive the appropriate level of support.

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