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The Importance of Phone Number Validation

phone number validation ensures that users and customers are provided with accurate, functional, and up-to-date contact information, leading to improved user experience and engagement. This is particularly important for e-commerce, where valid phone numbers are used to communicate order status and shipping notifications, as well as for personalized communication to drive customer retention and conversion.

A powerful API runs on your website or form, checking every new phone number in real-time as it is entered, and only adds it to the database if it meets specific criteria for being a valid, working phone number. This helps prevent bogus sign-up spam and other fraud, and saves you time and money from calling disconnected or unauthorized numbers, potentially incurring costly TCPA fines.

Validating Phone Numbers: Phone Number Validation

In addition to verifying that a number is formatted properly, phone validation tools also check the line type (e.g. cell, landline, VOIP), whether the number is active or disconnected, and more. RPV Turbo, for example, makes up to 4 ping queries directly with carriers to get true real-time connected/disconnected status and identify the carrier name, the number’s risk level, and whether it is known to be a disposable or temporary number frequently used by fraudsters.

This level of data accuracy allows you to better understand your users and customers, plan more effective communications that are relevant to their needs, and improve your marketing strategies. This will ultimately help you achieve your business goals and increase revenue. For example, if you are marketing to people with landlines, you may want to change your messaging strategy to include text messages instead.